Divorced and scared of dating? Don’t be.

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Do yer face, get on yer glad rags and download some apps.

There are no longer any ugly connotations associated with internet dating. Its the way to go. You need to use the net to search for your next hottie. He certainly wont find you, especially if you’re largely at home, hiding under the duvet.

Most divorces take place between the ages of 40 and 50. Its a tough time to have to think about meeting someone new. But sadly, its a likely occurrence: 42% of marriages end in divorce. Yet we still do it. Young, optimistic and hopeful, we walk down that aisle truly imagining those roses will grow forever more. But oftentimes the roses get gnarly. And, before you know it, all that’s left are the thorns.

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So you wake up alone and wonder where it all went wrong. It went. What now? You’re older and possibly less confident than you were in your earlies.  Your self esteem has undoubtedly taken a battering and its up to you to pick up the pieces.

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When you’ve spent a long time with just one person, the thought of being with another, or having to make an effort to meet another can be terrifying. But you need to get out there and stop worrying. There are hundreds of apps, at least one of them will accommodate you.


However, this is where men often have the upper hand; they can move on at a seemingly incredible pace. But men too can be terrified.


Obviously if you’re fresh out of a divorce then you need some time to heal. But don’t take too long. Certainly, don’t wait for him to come charging in on his horse, ready to sweep you up. He’s already out there on his donkey, trotting along, avoiding any emotions that may deflect from his desires. And he’s got it right. Dating other people will help. Men recognize their immediate physical needs and wants a lot quicker than women do. Emotionally speaking though, women grow and learn from their break ups, whereas men tend to repeat offend.

So how do you do it? Get on a dating app. Get another app. And another one. You can rest assured that most men are on about 3 or 4 apps. Us women must learn to do. FUN. Why do we have to be so serious? Now in the latter part of our lives, whether we’ve done the children or not, we can be ourselves. And quite frankly, most of us get on a lot better, both with ourselves and with other women, than men do. But it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying male companionship and sex. Searching for roses should be a sideline, not your mainline. Your mainline is you. You’ve given up enough of your life already, don’t give up any more. You know what you want, now go and get it.

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